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News and Updates at Glacier Gymnastics.

Daily Screening Form

Here Are a Few Ideas to Help Remember This For Tomorrow:

  • add calendar event (with a notification) for each day your gymnast attends class (include a link to this page in the notes).
  • iPhone: reminders app can easily be set to repeat daily at certain times, (use this page’s link at the title)
  • siri automatons can be used for one click access to the form
  • save this webpage as a direct link on your phone’s home screen

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Glacier’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated Sep 2, 2020

BC’s Sports Sector is moving to Phase 3 and in turn Gymnastics BC has revised their Return to Sport Plan. Accordingly Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan has been updated (see below). We are currently preparing for Fall registration.

And the facility is also receiving a high efficiency LED lighting upgrade.

The start of Fall Session will be delayed until October 1st. We are planning to offer most of our previous class schedule (with smaller class sizes, and less classes in the gym), many class times have been changed to reduce the numbers of kids in the gym at the same time. The schedule is available here.

As we prepare to welcome back our recreational students; parents will want to take the time to learn about all the changes at Glacier.

Here’s the Info You Need to Know

– Updated July 1

Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan was approved by our Board of Directors on June 15, and we have been given the green light to start running classes. We are in compliance with all safety requirements outlined by the Province (BC Health, ViaSport BC, Gymnastics BC).

We’re excited to get back to sport!

(Updated July 1st) – We started with Step 1 with the older and more experienced gymnasts June 17-25. All protocols are working well and we are moving on to our 2nd step. Additional staff have been trained on the procedures and the program schedule is being expanded starting on July 2nd. Once we are satisfied that we can run an expanded schedule safely we will look at reinstating some Recreational Summer Camps. A rough estimate for these classes is an August start date.

Our number one priority is the safety and well being of the children and our community. We will progress our plan only if & when we can safely do so.

All participating members will be required to understand and follow all new safety measures.

Glacier Gymnastics Club COVID-19 Safety Plan

Legal Documentation includes a Participant Declaration and Waiver & Release. These documents are now included as part of our online registration process. must be completed separately from our online policy agreement system. Read and Complete the Documents here.

Return to Gym – What to Expect
There are a lot of changes – this document will help you and your gymnast!

Daily Screening Checklist
Must be completed each day before entering the facility.

Gymnastics BC Return to Sport Plan

Important Changes To Know

Our Safety Plan is very detailed and contains every safety measure we are following. If you haven’t read it yet, be aware that coming to Club and Communicating with staff will be very different.

  • The Club’s Office will remain closed for now.
  • Entrance to the facility is only open to class participants and only just prior to the start of their class.
  • Club Administration will be minimized as much as possible, as we try to cope with the increased costs of running classes under significantly reduced capacity and social distancing requirements.
  • Communications should be conducted via email and telephone as much as possible. “In person” communications will need to be scheduled in advance – completion of the screening checklist is required upon each visit.

Updates on our progress and summer scheduling will be published once we are able to progress to the next stage of our Safety Plan (hopefully by the end of June). Watch our Facebook page @glaciergym.

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Annual General Meeting

November 19, 2020
6:00 pm

Glacier’s AGM will be held online this year.
Details on how to register and connect to the meeting will be circulated closer to the event and posted here.

Watch this space for Agenda and Meeting Documents

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Registration COVID Protocols

Registration for most members can take place entirely online. This is the best way to ensure you get into the class of your choice.

In Person Registration

If you need to come to the Club to complete registration, please minimize the number of people you bring into the facility. The following procedures are in place to protect the safety of all members and staff.

  • A Registration Appointment is required – phone 352-2227 to book.
  • A Daily Screening checklist must be completed on the day of your appointment. (Online Daily Screening), or paper copy at the Club.
  • Social Distancing protocols will be observed.
  • Sanitization stations are mandatory.
  • Masks are optional (please supply your own).

Entrance will be through the main door leading to the office area.
The entrance will remain closed until the time of your appointment.
Exit will be out through the downstairs gymnasium doors.

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Return to Gymnastics

Fall Gymnastics Information

We are very close to posting our Fall Schedule and providing registration dates. The schedule will offer a similar number of classes as previous years, however class sizes will be reduced and many classes have had time changes. All information will be available on the website. Once finalized, we will email all families who have attended within the last year, and will link updates to our social media.

  • Recreational Classes – target start date October 1st
  • Recreational Registration Opens – Week of Sept 15th (depending on Lighting Project completion).

We are seeking volunteers to help with our Lighting Upgrade and need as many people as we can get to help move the equipment out of the gym. Please consider helping out if you can. – Project & Volunteer Details.

June 1st

Gymnastics BC, ViaSport BC, WorkSafe BC and Public Health are all working to create a plan to have BC Gymnastics Clubs up and running soon. There is no exact date but wheels are in motion and we hope to see Glacier Gymnastics reopen sometime in June.

The plan that we will be regulated by will focus on 5 principles:

  • Physical Distancing & control of Social Interaction
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Screening of Staff and Gymnasts
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Physical Modification of the Facility

Glacier Gymnastics is already taking steps by making preliminary changes to the facility and to class, admin and cleaning protocols.

We expect the return to be a gradual process, and are still unsure what our summer program schedule will look like.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s return to gymnastics please contact Head Caoch, Sandra Long at or 352-2227.

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Lighting Upgrade Approved

Lighting Upgrade

We’re very happy to let the membership know that the lighting upgrade project for the Civic Centre gymnasium has been approved for funding. A new high efficiency LED system is being installed at the end of August! This will greatly improve the lighting of the gym space and be a huge improvement to the environment for the kids attending gymnastics!

Call For Volunteers

In order for the lighting work to take place, we must remove / dismantle most of the equipment in the gym. This is a huge undertaking that can’t be accomplished by the coaching staff alone. We once again are calling on our amazing family of volunteers to pitch in and help get the work done. Many hands make light work!

  • Volunteer time for this project will count double.
  • The hours will be applied to the upcoming season.
  • You can request to have the hours applied to this past season by emailing Steve.

Volunteer Sign Up

We will coordinate the work over at least two shifts (morning and afternoon) and possibly an evening shift if needed. More details are outlined on the sign up sheet.

LED Project Details

Glacier Gymnastics Club would like to thank the City of Nelson for prioritizing this work and making the project possible; we also acknowledges the RDCK for their role in funding support.

  • Estimated budget: $42,000.00
  • City Of Nelson – $20,500.00
  • RDCK through the Gas Tax Grant – $17,500.00
  • Rebates – $  4,500.00
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Gymnastics Renovation Project

Glacier Gymnastics has applied for the CIP (Community Initiatives Grant).

We need your help to get funding!

It won’t take long at all to do this… but it will make a big difference in the Regional District’s funding decisions.

RDCK Electoral Areas Included

RDCK areas: A – D – E – F – G – H – I and of course the City of Nelson.
If you live in these electoral areas you can give your support to our project and help us get funded. (read on for details).

Funding According to Your Feedback

The funding process is based on community feedback. The RDCK directors will make final decisions on the projects that are supported by you.

Please take five minutes of your time to show that you support this project. Follow the link below:

  • follow this link – CBT Public Engagement Website
  • select the Area you live in and “submit”
  • scroll down to find Glacier Gymnastic Club’s project
    (Glacier Gymnastics Club – Gymnastics Hall & Multi-Purpose Room)
  • click “yes” to support this project
  • type a few words of support
  • submit!

Read on to learn more about the project…
or visit the RDCK website – to learn about the funding process

Primary Goals

Development of a Seniors Can Move program: Classes are designed to improve agility, balance, coordination and strength and bring the basics of physical literacy to our senior population. The goal is to allow participants to regain their mobility, build friendships and keep active within the community.

Increase Facility Capacity: We will increase the number of classes we can offer during peak after school demand. We want to eliminate waiting lists and ensure we can meet community demand for gymnastics classes.

Adult Gymnastics Programing: Provide a space for adults to train more often and persue gymnastics specific strength. Learn handstands, presses, muscle ups while developing healthy range of motion, flexibility and strength. Adults will gain superior physical ability through gymnastics.

Project Overview

This project represents completion of the revitalization of Upper Gymnastics Hall and will complete the renovation started two years ago.

Including development of the new Multi-Purpose Gym space, this renovation includes painting of all areas (locker rooms, bathrooms, the viewing hall and multipurpose gym).

It includes purchase and installation of equipment for programs focussing on gymnastics strength, mobility & agility and movement based instruction.

It includes installation of seniors access/safety equipment including bathroom grab handles and an AED defribillator.

Funding Details

The application estimates a budget of $17000.00 and requests support from all electoral areas that have participants attending gymnastics programs.

Roughly 50% of participants live in the Nelson Area; and 50% live in the the other surrounding areas. The funding applications reflects actual participation from the various areas (as shown below).

For reference, here is a description of these Electoral Areas:

Area E: Blewett, Balfour, Queens Bay, Longbeach, Harrop/Procter, Sunshine Bay, Bealby/Horlicks, Taghum Beach and Nelson to Cottonwood Lake

Area F: Beasley, Taghum, Willow Point, Nasookin, Grohman, Crescent Beach, Sproule Creek, Six Mile and Bonnington

Area G: Hall Siding, Ymir, Ross Spur, Airport Road, Erie, Porto Rico, Nelway and Salmo North

Area H: South Slocan, Crescent Valley, Slocan Park, Passmore, Winlaw, Red Mountain, Vallican, Perry Siding, Appledale, Hills, Summit Lake, Playmor Junction, Krestova, Brandon, Lemon Creek, Sandon, Rosebery and New Settlement 

Funding Requested by Electoral Area
Electoral Area A$500
Electoral Area D/Kaslo$500
Electoral Area E$2000
Electoral Area F$3000
Electoral Area G/Salmo$1400
Electoral Area H$1600
Electoral Area I$500
City of Nelson$7500
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Team Program – April 29

An email has gone out to all Team families. Watch for more information via email in the coming weeks.

Volunteer Information

coming soon…

Stay In Gym

Information Sheet

Grocery Cards

coming soon…

Glacier’s Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the season. It’s clear that we won’t be returning to any gymnastics programming before the summer months. More likely is that our summer schedule will also be impacted. We can’t begin to guess when a return to operations will happen, or even what challenges or restrictions we’ll eventually have to face.

For over a month all staff have been on temporary layoffs with the exception of our Club Manager. Your continued patience to deal with the situation is appreciated. Please direct Club email to; all of your questions and input is very much welcomed. Also, please feel free to reach out to your coaches through the club’s facebook – we are also happy to forward personal email addresses upon request.

Ending the season officially cancells our recreational spring session, the Zone Championships competition, all scheduled Team events and training, the Party In the Park fundraiser and our Year End Show. Work to reconcile all Team family accounts for refund decisions will begin immediately. Depending on what happens over the summer, the Club is estimating loss of revenues of close to 40% our normal budget.

While gymnastics activities have been confined to your living rooms and back yards there’s still a lot happening at Glacier Gymnastics. There are a number of important matters for you to know about, and still lots of ways for you to continue to support the Club.

Glacier Gymnastics Clu

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Rec Program Update – April 29

— April 29, 2020 —

Recreational Program
Glacier’s Board of Directors has made the difficult decision to cancel the Spring Session. It’s clear that we won’t be returning to normal operations to complete the gymnastics season and the summer session will also likely be affected. All enrollments will be reversed and refunds will be processed according to the policy outlined below.
Also cancelled:

  • Kootenay Zone Championships
  • Year End Show
  • Party In the Park Fundraiser

We do not currently have any plans in place for future registration. Once we know what a return to operations will look like we will advertise through FaceBook, Instagram and direct email.

Note that our administrative operations are significantly reduced. Communication is best done via email. We thank you for your ongoing support, and we wish all our families the best through these challenging times.

Pro Rated Refunds

The Club is estimating loss of revenues of close to 40% of our normal income. We have decided to base our refunds on the ProRated class values – which is NOT a full refund. This policy allows the Club to retain $6-$11 from each registration. See below for the ProRate amounts.
You have the option to request a full 100% refund (read on – you will need to email us).

Refund to Your Credit Card

You do not need to take any action to receive this refund.
ProRated refunds for the remainder of spring session (in addition to the April refunds already processed), will be refunded back to your credit card over the next week.

Account Credit? If you paid via cash or cheque, you will receive this refund in the form of a credit on your account (read on for more on this). We will cut you a cheque upon request – email


The Club is graciously accepting donations. If you would like to donate a portion or all of your fees to the Club please email We are NOT able to provide tax receipts (we are not a charity).

Request A Full Refund

We recognize that many in the community are facing difficult financial challenges. We will issue 100% full refunds to anyone who requests it – email 

Membership Fees

Any spring session registration that required purchase of a new membership will receive a full refund of these fees and the membership/insurance will not be processed. If your child participated in a program prior to the spring session their membership fees are non-refundable.

ProRated Refund Amounts

# of Weeks45 mins60 mins90 mins120 mins
ProRate vs PaidProRate vs PaidProRate vs PaidProRate vs Paid
Monday8$80 vs $88$112 vs $117$168 vs $175
Tuesday11$110 vs $121$154 vs $161$231 vs $241$264 vs $275
Wednesday11$110 vs $121$154 vs $161$231 vs $241
Thursday10$100 vs $110$140 vs $146$210 vs $219$240 vs $250
Friday10$100 vs $110$140 vs $146$210 vs $219
Saturday8$80 vs $88$112 vs $117$168 vs $175$192 vs $200

Account Credits

Refunds processed as an account credit can be used towards any future registration. It won’t expire. You may be able to get these funds returned to you via cheque – but only if they were not obtained via funding, and if the original transaction is not more than one season old.

April 2, 2020 —
Glacier Gymnastics Club will remain closed through the month of April.
We’re still hopeful for a return to operations before summer and will reassess the situation on a monthly basis. Communications should be directed to

Admin Hours

Club administration has been reduced to one day a week via email or phone. A closed door policy is in place.

Recreational Information

Spring Session – Postponed

Spring classes have been postponed and will not start prior to May 4th.
We will begin processing refunds on April 2nd according to the policies outlined below. You have the option to withdraw (please read on).

Pro-Rated Refund

The prorated amount equal to 5 weeks of classes will automatically be refunded back to your credit card. You do not need to take any action to receive this refund.

If you paid via cash or cheque, you will receive this automatic refund in the form of a credit on your account.
Please read about account credits below.
We will cut you a cheque upon request – email

Pro-Rated Refund Amount: (Updated Apr 2, 2020)

In our original communication about credit amounts we forgot to account for holidays or missed classes that were not part of your classes original price. The prorated credits will reflect the actual number of classes paid for during the 5 weeks in April.

Original prices did not charge for the Easter Holiday, or for classes effected by our Zone Championships competition.

So, if you were enrolled in a Saturday class, you were only scheduled to meet 3x, and you only paid to meet 3x. The credit will be for 3 classes. See the chart below for clarification.

Day of Class# of Classes45 mins – $10/class60 mins – $14/class90 mins – $21/class120min – 24/class
Thursday4$40$56$84 $96

If You Want to Withdraw

Withdrawals from class will be accepted upon request.
Refunds will be given for both the Class Fees and Membership Fees (if the participant has not not previously attended this season).
Note: our $20 admin fee applies. Please read about Admin fees below.
In order to withdraw, you must request it – email

Admin Fee

Our standard $20 Admin Fee exists to help cover the fees and charges we incur with online registrations, credit card processing and refund charges. During this difficult time we will waive this fee for members who need it. You must request this consideration. Simply include a note in your withdrawal/refund email (eg. “please don’t charge me the admin fee”), and it won’t be charged.

Account Credits

Refunds given as an account credit don’t cost the Club extra, so your refund is 100% of your fees; no admin fee; no expiry. The credit can be used for any future registration.

If you paid for Spring Session via cash or cheque – and we processed a pro-rate refund as an account credit – you may request a cheque instead – email The admin fee as described above applies.

March 19, 2020 —
Glacier Gymnastics Club has suspended operations. We are reassessing the situation on a daily basis and hope to return to operations as soon as we can. We’ll update this page regularly. Communications should be directed to


Closed Door Policy – please use the phone or email.
12 noon – 6pm / Mon-Fri / March 18-26
12 noon – 6pm / Mon-Thu / March 23-26
Phone: 352-2227

Grocery Cards

The grocery card fundraiser has been suspended. The April order will not be processed; all billing has been suspended. If you’re interested, a small amount of stock is available for purchase (please arrange in advance).

If you have a previous order, that needs to be picked up, please stop by during the office hours listed above.

Camino Chocolate Fundraiser

The order will be delivered shortly. Pick up times will be emailed.


Refund policy for the various programs are outlined below.

Where applicable, credits will be applied to your account this week. In order to receive a refund you will need to email a request to refunds@glaciergymnastics where it will be processed in the order we receive it.

Spring Break Camps – Recreational

  • These classes have been cancelled.
  • A credit equaling 100% of your class fee will be placed on your account to be used towards a future registration.
  • Or you may receive an immediate refund less a $20 admin fee.
  • Refund requests should be directed to
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

Spring Break – Advanced Camps

  • These classes have been cancelled. Week 1 camps are eligible for a pro rated refund. Week 2 are eligible for full refunds.
  • A credit equaling 100% of your class fee will be placed on your account to be used towards a future registration.
  • Or you may receive an immediate refund less a $20 admin fee.
  • Refund requests should be directed to
  • Membership fees are non-refundable.

Team (Competitive / Developmental)

  • Automatic billing has been suspended effective immediately.
  • Training has been suspended until further notice.
  • Refunds or pro-rated fees will be determined at a later date.
    We anticipate a late start to spring classes but are hopeful for a return to training, the Year End Show and possibly a meet or two including Zone Championships (which have been postponed).
  • Billing will resume once we know what we are dealing with, and will account for cancelled events, lost training time and the Club’s financial position.

Recreational Spring Session

We anticipate the start date of Spring Classes to be late. The program has not been cancelled at this time. A refund policy will be decided in the next week.

If & when we are able to resume operations, schools may remain closed. If this happens we will likely move to day time programming (similar to our summer camp session). Possibly we would need to operate under very limited capacity. If this happens we would want to offer currently enrolled members priority registration.

We will assess future programming towards the end of Spring Break and determine a path forward. For now our current registration is intact and we are hopeful for a return to programming.

We will determine our refund policy for this program by the end of spring break. We understand that many families may begin to feel a cash crunch very shortly. If you are in a difficult situation, please request a withdrawal and refund via email –

Zone Championships

We are hopeful that this event can be run later in the spring.
Visiting clubs should direct all questions to Sandra.

March 12, 2020 —
Glacier Gymnastics Club has received a number of inquiries relating to the coronavirus and gymnastics classes/camps.

Glacier Gymnastics Club has received a number of inquiries relating to the coronavirus and gymnastics classes/camps.

We do not approach the 250 limit to gatherings. Currently our schedule remains unchanged; with classes and Spring Break camps still a go.

We ask families to use common sense when attending the gym. Keep sick children home, and teach them good hand washing practises. See the links/guidelines below.

We are remaining in close contact with Gymnastics BC/Canada and the provincial government regarding protocol, and will enact updates if needed.

As always, the safety and wellness of our participants, parents, coaches, and all other community members is our first priority. 

Glacier Gymnastics Club’s Sick Child Policy

Please Keep your child at home if he/she has any of the following common symptoms for COVID-19:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Difficulty breathing

At this time, the available information suggests the incubation period is up to 14 days. The incubation period is the time from when a person is first exposed until symptoms appear.

Proper Hand Washing Techniques

To help reduce your risk of infection:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Using soap and water is the single most effective way of reducing the spread of infection
  • If a sink is not available, alcohol based hand rubs (ABHR) can be used to clean your hands as long as they are not visibly soiled. If they are visibly soiled, use a wipe and then ABHR to effectively clean them
  • Do not touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or the crease of your elbow when you sneeze or cough
  • Regularly clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces
  • Do not share food, drinks, utensils, etc.

 BC Centre for Disease Control guidelines

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office ( or 250-352-2227).

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