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News and Updates at Glacier Gymnastics.

New Member Registration – Winter Session

Recreational Winter Registration is officially open to public at 7 A.M, November 29th, 2023

This registration is 100% online. Please go here to see the class descriptions in advance

Winter session is going to start from January 03, 2024 –  March 16, 2024

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Grocery Card Fundraiser – Christmas Special Order

We’re very happy to bring you a Grocery Card Fundraising Program for this Christmas. 

Introducing Glacier’s Grocery Card Fundraiser Program

  • This fundraiser is a fantastic way to raise money – as it doesn’t cost the parents a dime!
  • Simply purchase grocery card gift cards, and spend them at the store of your choice.
  • You receive exactly the same value you pay for.
  • Glacier Gymnastics receives a generous donation of between 6-8% on every dollar sold!
  • THANK YOU! Save On Foods and Kootenay Co-op!
  • Glacier raised more than $8000 during the 2022-23 season.

2 Simple Steps to get your grocery cards and have our club supported:

  1. Order & Make a payment by November 27
  2. Your Grocery Card Orders are ready to pick up by December 10

>>>>>Learn more details Here<<<<<<<

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Winter Session – Possible Facility Closure Annoucement

Civic Centre Roof Concerns

Earlier this month the City learned of deficiencies with the Civic Center roof structure. Read the City’s Notice here. The simplified explanation is that the Civic Centre was built to codes with only about 1/2 the snow load limits that current building codes require. Recent engineer inspections have determined the roof has likely reached maximum snow loads during past winters.

City’s Plan of Action

During the winter months, snow accumulation on the roof will be monitored.

  • So long as snow accumulation remains under the specified amount – operations will continue as normal.
  • When accumulation exceeds the specified amount, the Civic Centre will be closed.
  • If / when a closure occurs – Glacier Gymnastics Club will cancel classes.

Snow Load Updates

We will maintain a website as well as email regular updates about snow accumulation on the roof. Visit the Snow Load Closures Webpage

Contact us at or 250-352-2227 if you have any questions.

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Gymnastics Schedule for Halloween – Tuesday, October 31st

Gymnastics will still be running for those of you who wish to attend to the Tuesday Halloween classes

However, the gymnastics schedule will be:

Classes normally scheduled from 1:00 – 3:30

Regular class schedule applies.

Classes normally scheduled from 3:30-5:30

Regular class schedule applies.
Gymnasts can come late as needed.
Gymnasts can leave early as needed.

Classes normally scheduled 4:45 – 7:30pm

The class schedule is being changed.
Classes will run 3:30 – 5:30 pm.
Gymnasts can come late, or leave early as needed.


Children who wish to attend gymnastics are welcome (and encouraged) to come with their costumes on to show their coaches & friends.

However, gymnastics activities will require appropriate clothing – and children will need to bring a change of clothes in order to participate in games and gymnastics. Coaches will advise when they need to change out of their costumes.

Please contact us in the office at 250-352-2227 or if you have any questions.

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Fall Registration

Recreational Registration

Opens Monday, August 28th

  • Online @ 7am
  • Visit the How To Register page
  • Recreational classes start Sep 11th

Team Registration

Parents watch your emails for details coming soon.

  • Competitive Groups: Aug 29 – 31 – appointment required
  • Developmental Groups Sept 5 – 7 – appointment required
  • Sept 11: Fall Season Classes Start
  • Rep Team – September Training Camp Sep 4, 5 & 8 (Mon, Tu & Fri) 3:30-7:30 –  3 days extra
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Summer Camps Registration

We’re excited to be returning to our full schedule this summer. Look forward to Summer Gymnastics and Trampoline Camps running July 10 through Aug 31.

Camps run 4 days / week
– Jr Campers (ages 4-6)
– Sr Campers (ages 7 & up)
– Invitational Recreational (invited only)

Full morning camps = 3hrs $180.00
Just Tramp or just Gymnastics = 1.5hrs for $90.00

Schedule and Online Registration

Follow us: Facebook – @glaciergym | Instagram – @glaciergym

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Support Our Grant

Glacier Gymnastics has applied for the 2023 Columbia Basin’s Resident Directed Grant (formerly the Community Initiatives or “Dot Program”). Our proposed project is to fund a much needed computer and software upgrade – total value $5000.00

Community Input – Area’s E – F – H and Nelson

Decisions about which projects get funded are largely influenced through a community input process. 

  • The more people who support our project, the more likely we are to receive funding.

If you live in one of these electoral areas your support can ensure our project is funded: 

  • Areas E
  • Area F
  • Area H 
  • City of Nelson 

Here’s How to Support the Project

If you live in one of the above Electoral Areas, consider one of the following:

  • Attend the public engagement meeting for your residential area (if applicable).
  • Phone, or email your Area Director supporting our project. 
    (see below for a copy/paste example email)

Area E Residents

Public engagement meeting has happened already.

Director: Cheryl Graham, Phone: 250.505.4990, email:


Area F Residents

Attend the public engagement meeting to vote/propose funding amounts to be allocated to each project.

  • Wednesday April 12, 6:00 – 8:00 pm  
  • RDCK Board Room, 202 Lakeside Drive, Nelson  

Director: Tom Newell, Phone: 250.509.1277, email: 


Area H Residents

Attend the public engagement meeting to vote/propose funding amounts to be allocated to each project.

Area H South:

  • Wednesday April 5, 7:00 pm  
  • Passmore Hall, 3656 Old Passmore Road, Passmore

Area H North:

  • Saturday April 8, 1:00 pm  
  • Silverton Memorial Hall, 203 Lake Ave., Silverton

Director: Walter Popoff, Phone: 250.359.7455, email:


City of Nelson Residents

Attend the public engagement meeting to vote/propose funding amounts to be allocated to each project.

  • Wednesday April 12, 5pm  
  • City Hall

Director: Keith Page, Phone: 250.509.0773, email:

More Information

The RDCK Electoral Areas can be found here.

Glacier’s ReDi Grant Proposal can be viewed here.

Info about the Resident Direct Grants can be viewed here.

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Support Glacier!

Financial recover after COVID requires repayment of our CEBA loan – and we’re working to raise $40,000.00 this year. You can help through our Donations and Sponsorship programs. Unable to contribute financially? Maybe you know someone who would love to donate or who would make an excellent sponsor.

Learn more about the programs here.

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