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News and Updates at Glacier Gymnastics.

Get Your Team Spirit On

Glacier Gear  Now Available!

We’re putting in an order for some Team Spirit clothing. Support the club by raising a few $$$ and by wearing some cool new swag with our logo around town.

Order Deadline: Feb 15, 2019

Download and Return the Order Form

Return your order form and payment to the office by Feb 15.
You can expect items to be ready for for pick up by the end of the month.

We’ll be ordering a small amount of stock to support further sales throughout the year, so you can always check back here if you want to add to your collection.

Glacier Gear

Ladies Baby Tee

Ladies Baby Tee

Zip Hoodie - Youth or Adult

Zip Hoodie – Youth or Adult

Baseball shirt - Blue & Grey

Baseball shirt – Blue & Grey

Black T-shirt

Black T-shirt


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I Love Gymnastics Week!

Win Prizes!

Help us celebrate “I Love Gymnastics” week from February 11th to 15th, by showing us why you love gymnastics so much! Draw a picture or take a photo of yourself doing your favorite gymnastics skill and be entered to win a prize.

Instagram Photo Challenge

How to enter:

  • Take a photo of your best gymnastics skill
  • Follow @glaciergym on Instagram
  • Upload a picture of you performing your favorite gymnastics skill,
  • Tag us @glaciergym and @gymnasticsbc in your photo
  • Use the hashtags #glaciergymphotochallenge #CDNGymWeekWin

Drawing Contest

How to enter:

Draw yourself at gymnastics doing what you love the most
Bring your drawing to gymnastics before the deadline
Make sure to include your First and Last name and your age on your drawing
Contest winners will be select and notified

Age categories for the drawing contest:

  • 0-3 years
  • 4-7 years
  • 8-11 years
  • 12 & older

Gymnastics Canada Contest

Gym Canada is also running a contest. Check it out here.

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Gym Leo’s for Christmas!

The Perfect Christmas Gift for your Gymnast

  • Online eFundraiser with DNA Performance Wear!

Buy a new gym-suit online and have it arrive in time for Christmas!

November 19 – 25th

  • Shop online at 
  • between Nov 19 – 25th
  • use Promo Code: GLACIER
  • sales earn 20% donation to the club
  • orders are shipped to the Club in time for Christmas

Visit and start shopping now.

….find the perfect gift and help support your club!

Its a win, win!!

Remember…  wait until November 19th – 25th

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Vote for Youth Sport – Letter to the Candidates

Responses to the letter (below) can be viewed here:

Glacier Letter to the Candidates

October 4, 2018

To Prospective Nelson City Councillors,

For more than 15 yrs Glacier Gymnastics Club has operated out of its current location; the city owned Civic Centre. We are the largest sporting organization for girls in Nelson, and second only to soccer for total number of participants. Each season we face a number of challenges that make it all but impossible to meet community demand for programming. A large component of our challenges are facility and capacity related.

Our space in Civic Centre sees minimal City spending and minimal City support; the building has not been well maintained over the years. We are a responsible tenant who in just the past 6 years has directed upwards of $150,000.00 towards improving the usability and overall capacity of the facility.
Last year we initiated another ($50,000.00 estimated) renovation project; with plans to improve the layout of the upper change rooms in order to create space for a multipurpose room/gym. The increased space will be used to alleviate the class wait lists that we continue to experience. Following a disappointing lack of support from Council and the CIP Grant process; our initial plans have been scaled back. Over $20,000.00 in pledged grants have had to be re-secured; and we will follow a phased approach and reduced budget to achieve the facility improvements. It will likely take another season to make these needed improvements a reality.

The previous year has seen a drastic change for the club in how the city has charged us rent for use of the Civic Center. Our lease negotiations were essentially a take it or leave it offer from the city, with the end result being that our yearly rent expense almost doubled from $19,845.00 to $37,680.00, costing our non-profit club an additional $17,835.00 per year. During negotiations it was suggested that we could claw back some of the rent increase with CIP grant money disbursed back to us by the city, however when the present council made their decisions Glacier Gymnastics received nothing.

Our Questions to you are:

  • How would you better support our Gymnasts and our Club with regards to keeping our sport affordable and available to all kids in our community?
  • What are your thoughts on the Civic Centre facility and the so called Recreation Campus?
  • What about the Recreation Task Force Report (26 recommendations made a year ago with no changes yet in the works)?
  • What role does youth sport and recreation play in your community vision?
  • What can Council do to support the various volunteer user groups who deliver these services?

We will be posting your replies in our parent watch area, on our Facebook page, and emailing them directly to each family in the club.

Thank you for your time,
The Glacier Gymnastics Board

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How to Become a Sponsor

Glacier Gymnastics is excited to have launched our Sponsorship Program.

The purpose of this program is to build partnerships with local businesses to raise money through advertising for ongoing renovations, equipment upgrades, and support for all our athletes.  In turn, this allows for the growth of our club, which annually supports 1000 local participants.

We would like to thank the local businesses that have committed to participating in the Sponsorship Program;

  • Qualia Designs
  • Kootenay Co-op Grocery Store
  • Kootenay Bakery
  • Kootenay Athletic Therapy

If you are interested or know of a business that you feel would like to participate in our Sponsorship Program please contact Charmaine at charmaine@glaciergymnastics or leave a message 250-352-2227.

Sponsorship Brochure

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Newsletter Archives

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Save-On-Foods Fundraiser

Download your Save-On-Foods Grocery Card Order Sheet

Dear Glacier Gymnastics members and parents,

As you may be aware, the Board of Directors has been working hard on initiatives to better the facility and equipment to provide an outstanding experience for our kids. This year we have our sights set on replacing the spring floor which benefits every member of the club. The floor is over 15 years old, and well past the patch and repair stage. Replacing it ensures we can continue providing quality programs to the entire membership and will allow all levels of athletes to safely train on equipment similar to what they compete on.


The floor is over 15 years old, and well past the patch and repair stage. Replacing it ensures we can continue providing quality programs to the entire membership and will allow all levels of athletes to safely train on equipment similar to what they compete on.


With every benefit though, there are always costs involved. The new floor will be approximately $15,000. We are striving to accomplish the task of purchasing it without any fee increases, equipment levies or forced fundraising.

Last summer the club applied for a Grant through the Canada 150 program, which affords us almost a 50/50 split of donations to matched contributions through the Grant. For example, we spend $100 towards the new floor, the grant matches $100 for a total of $200 toward our floor.  This matched funding situation is a great opportunity.

Here is our proposal:

Save-On Foods Groceries Cards
EVERYBODY buys groceries!  Save-On Foods has a program where they sell gift cards to many organizations like ours. The benefit, unlike other fundraisers, is that you get dollar for dollar what you spend on a useful item – your groceries. We are not selling something people may or may not need. Everybody can use the grocery cards. The second benefit is the club gets 6 percent of the value of the gift cards sold (which comes from Save-On, not from the person buying the cards). For example you spend $100 dollars, you get $100 dollars in a gift card, the club gets $6 dollars from Save-On! It gets better as we can capitalize on that 6 dollars with the Canada 150 Grant matching it for a total of $12 on every $100 sold.

If every gymnast at the club can reach the goal of selling $500 dollars in gift cards we can pay for our floor WITHOUT anybody being out any money! And without any extra gymnastics fees!!!

It gets better though; as an appreciation to the families, volunteers, coaches and kids of the club, we are packaging this with a club social. The Party in the Park, on Saturday June 4th is open to all families who participate in the launch of the fundraiser! That’s right, just come by the park with your completed order form (cash or cheque only) and enjoy some socializing, hot dogs and refreshments.

On top of the Party In the Park – every $500 in cards sold/purchased; earns 1 ticket to a special Gymnastics Party. Gymnastics parties will be offered a few times throughout the fall season (details and dates to be advertised).

So let’s sum up:

  • Buy your groceries using Save On Foods cards purchased through the Club.
  • The club earns 6% ; which will be doubled when used with the Canada 150 grant.
  • Party in the Park – June 4th – open to all families who make any purchase of Save on Cards
  • Tickets to future Gymnastics Parties are earned with every $500 in cards purchased or sold.

The club gets the needed new floor if everyone can strive to reach their goal, and nobody is out any money!!!!!!!!!

Glacier Gymnastics Club President
Michael Stefani

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