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News and Updates at Glacier Gymnastics.

Party In the Park & Neighborhood Sales Blitz

RSVP to Participate & Volunteer

  • Saturday, May 26th
  • 12:00 – 4:00 pm

Season Wind Up Party & Neighborhood Sales Blitz
Open to all members of Glacier Gymnastics Club (everyone from preschool to adult & recreational to competitive).

All we ask is that you participate in the Grocery Card Fundraiser by:

  • participating in the Neighborhood Sales Blitz


Scroll down to see the Awesome Prize List!

Neighborhood Sales Blitz

  • 12:00 pm meet @ Lakeside Park BBQ Shelter
  • Gymnasts and chaperones are assigned a neighborhood to canvas door to door
  • 2:00 pm return to the park for the party
  • RSVP to Participate & Volunteer

Gymnasts are encouraged to show their Team Spirit and wear their favorite gymnastics attire or team jacket.

Party In the Park

  • 2:00 – 4:00 pm / Lakeside Park BBQ Shelter
  • Hot dogs & cake
  • Fun & Games with your friends / Socialize with other club members
  • All gymnasts and club members welcome (just participate in the Grocery Card Fundraiser between now and May 26).
  • RSVP to Participate & Volunteer

Great Prizes Up For Grabs!

Prizes will be awarded by draw with entries determined by the amount of grocery card sales. The more you sell, the more draws you’re entered in!

Prize Card Sales Amount Prize Sponsor
$15 Ardene Gift Card$500Balfour Repair
$15 Ardene Gift Card$500Balfour Repair
2 Pool Passes$750Ainsworth Hot Springs
2 Pool Passes$750Ainsworth Hot Springs
$30 Gift Certificate$750Perfectly Polished
2 Rounds Golf (18 holes)$1000Granite Point
1 Month Pass & Water Bottle$1000NDCU
Gymnastics Suit$1000Glacier Gymnastics
50% off 1 Rec Class$2000Glacier Gymnastics
50% off 1 Month Fees$2000Glacier Gymnastics
Early Registration – Fall Classes$2000Glacier Gymnastics
2 VIP Tickets Year End Show$2000Glacier Gymnastics

more prizes to come… we’re still working on something awesome!

RSVP to Participate & Volunteer

Fundraising Goal: $30,000.00 in Sales

Fundraising is just one of the ways the club is working to meet increased financial pressures. We hope to get into the community and show some team spirit.

Everyone needs to buy groceries, and purchasing gift cards through the club doesn’t cost parents anything extra. The target of $30K in sales will result in about $2500 going towards the Club’s fundraising budget of $10K. These funds will go towards developing the multipurpose room and purchasing equipment (new vault table & beam!).

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April Newsletter

April, 2018 – Newsletter

In this issue: Seeking Fundraising Ideas | New Customer PortalFacility Handyman – Volunteers Needed  |  Renovations & Construction | Party In the Park | Meet Your Board

Fresh Fundraising Ideas?

This April the Board of Directors will be reviewing our fundraising plans and looking at changing up our initiatives. If you have ideas that you’d like to see considered, please forward them to the Club Manager by Monday, April 16. When submitting your idea please review the Fundraising Policy and include the relevant information. Remember, the Board is a small group of volunteers with a lot on their plate. They especially love new ideas that come with a volunteer who has the time to help get the new idea up and running.

Email your ideas and feedback to

New Customer Portal

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new mobile responsive Portal. The new portal has a modern look and adjusts to a mobile-friendly view when using your smartphone or tablet. This will make it even easier for you to register and view schedules online.
To view a short video click here.
To login to our Customer Portal, click here.
If you have any questions please give us a call (250-352-2227).

Facility Handyman & Volunteers Needed

Good day everyone,

My name is Genevieve Lepage and I have recently joined the board of directors for the Glacier Gymnastic Club. I have been asked to list what maintenance and upgrades are required for the facility. As such, a walkthrough as been done with Steve who has pointed out several projects that need attention to render the space safer and promote better of use of equipment. Here is a list of projects outlined (somewhat in priority order):

  1. Clearing of the Stairwell
    Lumber/plywood needs to be moved – 2 people – less than 30 mins
    Dump run is needed – completed
  2. Trampoline Platform Safety Carpet Installation
    Approximately 10” long of carpet that needs to be installed onto the frame of the platform for safety reasons.
    Steve has the carpet, screws and metal brackets are required
  3. Tumble Track Heavy Duty Caster Wheels Trays Construction
    Needs to be ready before our meet (before May 5th)
    At least 6, preferably 8 caster wheels trays are needed in order to move the running trampoline safely and with ease.
    This could be accomplished using 2”x10” – about 2’ long – each with 4 caster wheels.
    Steve has the lumber, heavy duty caster wheels and screws are required.
    Minimal woodcrafting / handyman skills
  4. Trampoline Bed Replacement
    This would require 2 people and should take a few hours.
  5. Mezzanine Bar Installation
    Needs to be ready before the Year End Show (before June 9th)
    A skilled handyman is required for this to ensure safety and likely need an assistant.
    Steve has the brackets and screws additional hardware may be required.
  6. Creation of Pit Bag
    Old floor mats need to be cut out into 6”x6” cubes to fill a new pit bag. completed
  7. Folding Desk Construction
    A skilled woodcrafting / handyman would be able to list what is needed for this project. Steve has a rough idea.
  8. Shelving Unit Assembly and Installation
    A shelving unit needs to be installed against a concrete wall
    Concrete drill and anchors. Likely need an assistant.
  9. High Bar Platforms Construction
    Two platforms, on either side of high bar need to be constructed and installed onto the concrete wall.
    A skilled person would be able to plan for this project.

The time to accomplish these projects can be accommodated if outside of busy gym hours. Times will need to be coordinated with staff.


Please contact for more information.

Renovations & Construction

A number of projects in the upper hall were started over spring break. With all the work going on, some extra care & caution is warranted.

Customer Service Desk – We are looking forward to completing the upstairs Customer Service Desk where we’ll be better able to meet the needs of parents and members. Completion of the desk marks the end of our Canada 150 project under which we purchased a new sprung floor and new competitive trampoline. This represents $50K of investment and three years of fundraising (roughly $25K raised and $25K funded by the Canada 150 Recreation Infrastructure Grant).
Because drywalling wasn’t quite completed during spring break we’ll have a little bit of a mess to contend with these first few weeks of classes. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Locker Rooms – A number of plumbing fixtures have been decommissioned in order to minimize the utility costs of our new lease agreement ($4000 in savings). Plans for finishing the bathrooms are still being completed with the work scheduled to take place over the summer.
Until then the finishes will remain rough, the decommissioned toilets will be “out of order” and a temporary “wall” in the ladies locker room will remain in place. The boys locker room has a roped off area for tools and materials. This area is strictly out of bounds. Young children should be supervised when using the locker room / bathroom space.

We appreciate your cooperation and help keeping the children safe in the space.

Party In the Park & Neighborhood Sales Blitz – May 26th

We are fast approaching the 2nd annual Party In the Park – our year end wind up.
On Saturday May 26th gymnasts and parent chaperones will meet at the Rotary Shelter in Lakeside Park before going out into the community to sell Grocery Cards. Gymnasts are grouped together and assigned parent chaperones and a sales area and map. Once each group finishes selling they will return to the Rotary Shelter for a BBQ, cake and fun at the park. Join us for some fun times and help promote our Club in the community.

Event Volunteer Positions

Outside of the facility jobs listed above, we are looking to fill the following vacant volunteer positions.

  • Grocery Card Sales – in viewing area (2 hrs) – once per month?
  • Party In The Park & Neighborhood Sales Blitz – May 12-4pm
  • Parent chaperones (3 hrs)
  • Zone Championships Shifts – May 5th & 6th
  • Concession Staff (2 hrs)
  • 50/50 Ticket Sales (1 hr)
  • Athlete Lunch Server (1 hr)
  • Master of Ceremonies (3 hrs)
  • Vacuuming (need to bring vacuum) (2 hrs)
  • Concession Shopping & Set Up (3 hrs)
  • Year End Show Shift – June 11-12
  • Vacuuming (need to bring own vacuum) (2 hrs)

Meet Your Board

Are you interested in contributing towards Glacier Gymnastics Club? Have you ever thought about joining the Board of Directors? View the Board application package and feel free to contact a director with any questions.
Isabelle Herzig- co Board Chair
Honey Bellman – co Board Chair
Janet Skolka – Treasurer
Sylvie Masse – Secretary
Mike Finley – Director
Genevieve Lepage – Director
Karen Elliot – Director
Brandy Kormany – Director

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Comp Team Schedule Reminder

Dear Parents,

The next few weeks are super busy ones for all of the different Glacier teams – we’re is attending 4 different events!

The Coeur d’Alene and the Cranbrook events require coaches and athletes to travel or compete on the Thursdays or Fridays. The class schedule below indicates the classes that are not scheduled to run.

No Classes Scheduled

Thursday February 22

  • Thurs Highschool 5:30-7:00
  • Thurs Highschool 7:00-9:00
  • Thursday Competitive Vivian 6:00-8:30

Friday February 23

  • Fri Rep Vivian 3:30-7:30
  • Fri Rep Sandra 3:30-7:30
  • Fri Competitive Karlee 3:30-6:30
  • Fri competitive/Highschool
  • Sam 6:00-9:00

Friday March 2

  • Fri Rep Vivian 3:30-7:30
  • Fri Rep Sandra 3:30-7:30
  • Fri Competitive Karlee 3:30-6:30

Thanks Coach!

This is the time of year when all your coaches are putting in lots of lots of overtime and they will work multiple weeks without a day off.

Your child’s appreciation and “Thank You Coach!” at the end of their competition(s) goes a long way and means a lot to them!


Event Schedules / What to Expect ?

Event schedules are posted on the club website (links above).
Parents – be sure to read the What to Know About Attending Meets & Competitions.

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How to Become a Sponsor

Glacier Gymnastics is excited to have launched our Sponsorship Program.

The purpose of this program is to build partnerships with local businesses to raise money through advertising for ongoing renovations, equipment upgrades, and support for all our athletes.  In turn, this allows for the growth of our club, which annually supports 1000 local participants.

We would like to thank the local businesses that have committed to participating in the Sponsorship Program;

  • Qualia Designs
  • Kootenay Co-op Grocery Store
  • Kootenay Bakery
  • Kootenay Athletic Therapy

If you are interested or know of a business that you feel would like to participate in our Sponsorship Program please contact Charmaine at charmaine@glaciergymnastics or leave a message 250-352-2227.

Sponsorship Brochure

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Grocery Cards – Monthly Sales!

We are happy to once again have the support of our local grocery stores!
Monthly sales for 2017-18 will begin in time for October pick up.

         Save On Foods                   The Kootenay Co-op

Our goal this year is to sell $130,000.00 in grocery cards and raise $10,000.00.

Glacier Gymnastics Club makes between 6-8% on every dollar sold. Because groceries are something that everyone needs this is a great fundraiser for our membership. Buy your groceries with cards and it’s like free money for the club!!

2 Ways to Participate

Monthly Subscription Order

  • complete an order form (below).
  • provide us with postdated cheques or credit card info.
  • we’ll order you cards each month (last week of the month).
  • pick up will be no later than the 15th the following month.

Save Time – Order Online (Recurring Order)

You can also print off the Paper Order Form and drop it off at the Club.

One Time Orders

Perfect if you want to participate once in a while, or sell cards to friends, family or co-workers. Just pre-order with us and we’ll add it to the monthly tally.

  • send in an order form (below).
  • pre-order by the last week of the month.
  • pick up will be no later than the 15th the following month (usually earlier).
  • pay when you pick them up (Cash or Cheque only).

Save Time – Order Online (1x Pre-Order)

You can also print off the Paper Order Form (1x Pre-Order) and drop it off at the Club.

Sales Blitz Coming Soon!!

Each season we’ll plan a number of sales initiatives that take us out into the community and sell cards outside the membership. Blitz’s will include prizes and sales incentives to reward the gymnasts for getting involved and participating. The last blitz of the season will be incorporated with a club social!

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New! – 2 Sessions – Fall 2017

Fall 2017 Registration

We are running two sessions this Fall

  • Sep-Oct (7 weeks)
  • Nov-Dec (7 weeks)

Fees Clarification

All class fees reflect actual instructional time. We rarely cancel a class – but frequently schedule around holidays, tournaments & events. Any missed classes are planned in advance, and the fees you pay reflect the missed day(s). Planned closures can be viewed on the Session Dates & Holidays page.

In the event that a class is cancelled, you will be issued a credit or refund.

Registration opens September 11th online at 7:00 am.

Visit the How to Register page for instructions on registration, payment & refund policies.

Visit Your Customer Portal page to learn how to login in and use the online registration system.

*The Annual Membership Fee of $35 (tentative cost) is not included in the program price.

Class Descriptions can be found on the following pages.
PreSchool | Day Time Classes | Girls Gymnastics | Boys Gymnastics | Trampoline & Tumbling | Adult Gymnastics


Sep – Oct: 7 weeks


Sep – Oct: 7 weeks


Sep – Oct: 7 weeks


Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

Gymnastics – Day Time

Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

Gymnastics – Girls – School Ages

Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

Gymnastics – Boys – School Ages

Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

Trampoline & Tumbling

Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

Classes are coed unless otherwise stated.


Adult Classes

Sep – Oct: 7 weeks

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City Lease Agreement

The City is moving the Club from our old License to Occupy agreement to a formal Lease Agreement.

In keeping with policy (City-Owned Property Lease/Rental Fees) the lease agreement makes the Club responsible for:

  • Taxes: ? we’re not sure…  $360 000.00 is our estimate – but we received a permissive tax exemption for 2017/18.
  • Rent: $18000.00 based on 5% of the above (a decrease from current $19845.00)
  • Operational & Maintenance Fees: $14700.00 (variable amount that will fluctuate with actual costs).
  • Water & Sewer: $8466.00

As water and electrical services are not metered; costs are an estimate based on the square footage we use.

This represents an increase of approximately $20-$23,000.00
This represents a net-zero policy, whereby the operational costs of the facility assigned to our footprint are passed on – at full cost to the Club and its membership.

Contact City Council

In the News

Nelson Star

The Nelson Daily

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Summer Schedules Available

Summer programs have been posted and are available for registration.

Recreational Camps –> see the Summer Camps section of the website.

  • ages 4-6 yrs
  • ages 6 & up
  • trampoline (ages 6 & up)

Developmental & Competitive –> see the Team sections of the website

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