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News and Updates at Glacier Gymnastics.

Spring Grocery Card Sales Blitz

Monthly Orders for May & June

Save On Foods and Kootenay Co-op

Cards available in $100 denominations.

Order Deadline Passed

Fundraising Goal: $30,000.00 in Sales

We have sold $46,000.00 in cards! Thanks for your support!

Normally we take our sales Blitz out into the Nelson neighborhoods and sell our grocery cards door to door. This year our fundraiser will need to be a little different.

It’s important to let everyone know that the Financial Challenges the Club faces are very real. We have lost nearly 40% or our normal programming revenue with no reduction to our operational costs. Fundraising is just one of the ways we’re looking to ensure the club remains operational for next season. 

Help Out by Purchasing Groceries for May & June

Everyone needs to buy groceries, and purchasing gift cards through the club doesn’t cost parents anything extra.  Because our sponsor stores give us 6% – 8% of every dollar sold, the target of $30K in sales will result in about $2500 going towards the Club.  Funds will go towards operational shortfalls due to increased Covid 19 expenses, with any excess funds raised going towards gymnastics equipment.

We ask our gymnastics families to approach your friends, neighbors and relatives and encourage them to support Glacier Gymnastics by buying some grocery cards.

Get behind our Social Media promotions and help us take this fundraiser out into the local community.

We’ll mail cards to your out of town family & friends. Purchasers can have their cards sent by registered mail at a cost of $10.00.

Top Sellers will be entered into draws for some fantastic prizes. Scroll down to see the Awesome Prize List!

Great Prizes Up For Grabs!

Prizes will be awarded by draw with entries determined by the amount of grocery card sales. The more you sell, the more draws you’re entered in!  Draw date:  June 10th.

For both May & June – we’ll track the TOP 3 SELLERS

  • these three people will be entered in a draw (each month) for 50% off their next enrollment, (or 50% off 1 month team fees).
Prize List  minimum Card Sales Amount  Prize Sponsor
50% off 1 Month Fees or 1 Rec Class Top 3 Sellers Monthly Glacier Gymnastics 
Early Registration – Fall Rec Classes Top 3 Recreational Sellers Monthly Glacier Gymnastics
$50 Gift Certificate – Jagwear $1,500.00 – May & June combined sales Glacier Gymnastics
Squishmallow Stuffy $1,500.00- May & June combined sales  Glacier Gymnastics
Drive In Family Pass – Civic Theatre $1,200.00 May & June combined sales Glacier Gymnastics
$15 Gift Certificate – Dairy Queen $1,000.00 – June Sales Glacier Gymnastics
Toucan Stuffy $750.00 – May Sales Balfour Repair
Owl Stuffy $750.00 – June Sales Balfour Repair
Candy Baskets $750.00  (one each – May & June) Safeway
Snack Basket $500.00 – June Sales Safeway
$10 Gift Certificate – Dairy Queen $500.00 – May Sales Glacier Gymnastics
Starbucks Cups 4 winners drawn from all participants Safeway

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Grocery Card Online Form

Glacier Gymnastics feels very lucky to have the support
of our local grocery stores.

Click here to learn more about the Grocery Card Fundraiser
and to see the Awesome Prize List

Scroll down to use the online order form.

Save on FoodsKootenay Co-op 

The Club makes between 6-8% on every dollar sold thanks to the generosity of these community businesses. Because groceries are something that everyone needs this is a great fundraiser for everyone. Buy your groceries with cards and it’s like free money for the club!!

Our new online system is intended to make it easy for club members to share this fundraiser with extended family and out of town friends. We’ll even mail your card orders if you can’t pick them up.

How it Works

  • We process orders on  a monthly basis.
  • Pre-order your cards before the listed deadline.
  • online payment via eTransfer is preferred
    credit card or debit card are available
  • Payment is made approximately 1 week before orders are delivered.
  • Orders are sent home with your gymnast or mailed out.

Spring Orders Timeline

  – May 11th order deadline
  – invoices and payment the week of May 24th
  – orders sent the week of June 1st

  – June 8th order deadline
  – invoices and payment the week of June 21st
  – orders sent the week of June 28th

Online Order Form

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2021 (CIP) Community Initiatives Grant

Equipment Upgrades

We Need Your Support
The local electoral areas make funding decisions using (in part) an online feedback form. Please take 5-10 minutes to complete the Online Engagement Form (link below).

The more people who show support, the more likely we are to receive the full amount of funding we’ve applied for.

About Our Project
Prior to the covid pandemic, we began work to secure funding to purchase and install new gymnastics equipment (including uneven bars,  a beam with safety padding and a tumbling vault).  This equipment is needed to replace worn out and outdated equipment and will allow us to continue to provide safe instruction and training in gymnastics related activities.  The estimated budget for the necessary equipment is $20,000.00. We have already secured (75%) $14,163.00 through various grants.

Only $5800.00 is left to be raised, and we have applied to the CBT’s Community Initiatives Program (CIP) for the remaining amount.

CIP applications are successful when they show a high level of  community support from the residents in an electoral area. We are asking all gymnastics families to show their support through the online process!

The deadline to participate in the Public Engagement Process is
April 9th at 4:30pm.

Click here to
Support Glacier’s Project & Help Purchase Equipment

Please share this project with your neighbors and friends. Share it on your FaceBook and social media. Help us get the word out!

1. – follow the link above
2. – enter the area you live in
3. – find Glacier’s project (start typing Glacier and it will show up)
4. – write a few words of support and click “submit”

If successful, Glacier Gymnastics Club’s ask of $5,800.00 would come from eight (8) of the electoral areas that regularly have participants attending gymnastics. We are looking for gymnastics families who live in Areas A, D/Kaslo, E, F, G, H, I and the City of Nelson to help support this work.

  • Area A – $116.00
  • Area D / Kaslo – $58.00
  • Area E – $522.00
  • Area F – $1218.00
  • Area G – $232.00
  • Area H – $464.00
  • Area I – $174.00
  • City of Nelson – $3,016.00

An example of positive feedback:
“Glacier Gymnastics has already raised more than 70% of the budget for these equipment purchases. The CIP funding will ensure their project is completed successfully in a timely manner. Glacier is a responsible not-for-profit organization that positively impacts the wellbeing of our community and the City of Nelson. The organization and this project are deserving of council’s support.”

Learn more about the CIP process on the RDCK’s website here.

Please note that the online engagement tool is not a voting system, but a way for the public to provide the feedback on projects they feel are most important to the area in which they live. Once collected, all feedback will be shared with each area’s adjudication committee for their review and consideration.

If you are interested in learning more about this project and our other financial initiatives (or other ways you  can support the club), please contact

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Daily Screening Form

Here Are a Few Ideas to Help Remember This For Tomorrow:

  • add calendar event (with a notification) for each day your gymnast attends class (include a link to this page in the notes).
  • iPhone: reminders app can easily be set to repeat daily at certain times, (use this page’s link at the title)
  • siri automatons can be used for one click access to the form
  • save this webpage as a direct link on your phone’s home screen

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Glacier’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated Feb 17, 2021

Spring Registration is currently open. We continue to operate under the safety plans put in place to meet the PHO of December 2nd.

Parents are expected to be familiar with our COVID policies (especially the arrivals & departures). Staff are able to teach all children everything they need to know during class times.

Attending Classes

What to Expect at Gymnastics – Recreational

Declaration Agreement – In order to participate members must agree to abide by Glacier’s Safety Plan. This agreement is to be completed online as part of the registration process.

Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Declaration of Agreement
Participation and registration for gymnastics requires parents/guardians to agree to abide by the Club’s Safety Plan. In order to register, you will need to electronically sign a Declaration of Agreement (via the online registration software). This agreement will be periodically updated, which will require that you log in to your account and sign a new Declaration. (This will happen any time the Safety Plan receives a significant amendment).

Daily Screening

  • An electronic screening form must be completed by a parents/guardians each day their unaccompanied child will be entering the facility.
  • Parent/guardians must complete the form on behalf of their Child Participant.
  • Adults entering the facility as participants, to view classes or for administrative reasons must complete a paper screening form at the door.

Mask Requirements
At this time, we do NOT have the ability to make exceptions to any of the listed masking requirements in our safety plan. These requirements have very little application to child participants. We likely can not accommodate adults requiring masking exceptions. Please call us to clarify questions & requirements.

Highlights of the current Safety Plan include:

  • Social interaction elimination.
  • Increased physical distancing at all times.
  • Mandatory mask use for specific individuals.
  • Travel restrictions (except for when members access their own club).
  • Suspension of all group adult programming.
  • Special considerations for adults helping with active start and adaptive programs.

Updated Dec 3, 2020

Classes to Resume for Friday Dec 4th

Today, the Provincial Health Officer issued an Order on Gatherings and Events. As a result of this Order, youth sports (including gymnastics) are permitted to resume activities, provided that specific requirements are followed.

Some of the revised requirements which clubs must adhere to are in the areas of:

  • Social interaction elimination
  • Increased physical distancing
  • Mandatory mask use for specific individuals
  • Travel restrictions (except for when members access their own club)
  • Suspension of all group adult programming
  • Special considerations for adults helping with active start and adaptive programs

GBC’s Return to Sport Plan has been updated with revised guidelines, and all clubs must closely review the revised plan. Clubs must then revise their own COVID-19 Club Safety Plans and have them approved by their board or other appropriate personnel.

Glacier Gymnastics Club’s own Safety Plan has been updated to meet the new restrictions. New procedures are in place for all classes.

Updated Nov 20, 2020

In accordance with the new Provincial Health Orders (Nov 19), Glacier Gymnastics Club has adjusted our COVID-19 Safety Plan (linked below).

Gymnastics is an individual non-contact sport where social distancing can be maintained; our facility is able to remain open and classes will continue to run.

The Glacier Gymnastics Return-to-Sport Plan has been updated with the following changes becoming effective immediately:

  1. All persons entering the facility must wear a mask. 
  2. Parents and/or guardians that are in a parent participation parent-tot class are also required to wear a mask while in the facility and while participating in the class.
  3. The parent/guardian waiting room that was open for preschool classes will be closed until December 7, 2020. Parents will wear a mask while escorting and waiting with their child before the class begins. Parents/guardians will then exit the facility, returning to the pick-up room 5 minutes before the end of class.
  4. All staff are required to wear a mask during the check-in procedures at the start of the class, and while assisting with dismissal. Masks are also required for any engagement with parents while not coaching.
  5. Coaching must be performed hands-free (no spotting). However, if a participant’s safety is at risk, the coach should not hesitate to spot. Additionally, coaches must wear masks when standing in for safety.
  6. Participants are not required to wear a mask, and coaches are also not required to wear masks while coaching in the gym unless physical distancing is unable to be maintained.

We are continuing with our strict cleaning protocols and the daily screening health checks are being done for any individual entering our facility. 

We will continue to update you if there are any other changes. Thank you for your ongoing trust and understanding while we navigate through these uncertain times. The health and safety of our members and staff is top priority and we will continue to work at ensuring we are doing everything we can to reduce the risk. Call us at 352-2227 if you have any questions or concerns.

Attending Classes

  • Return to Gym – What to Expect
  • Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated Sep 2, 2020

BC’s Sports Sector is moving to Phase 3 and in turn Gymnastics BC has revised their Return to Sport Plan. Accordingly Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan has been updated (see below). We are currently preparing for Fall registration.

And the facility is also receiving a high efficiency LED lighting upgrade.

The start of Fall Session will be delayed until October 1st. We are planning to offer most of our previous class schedule (with smaller class sizes, and less classes in the gym), many class times have been changed to reduce the numbers of kids in the gym at the same time. The schedule is available here.

As we prepare to welcome back our recreational students; parents will want to take the time to learn about all the changes at Glacier.

Here’s the Info You Need to Know

  • Return to Gym – What to Expect
  • Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan

– Updated July 1

Glacier Gymnastics Club’s COVID-19 Safety Plan was approved by our Board of Directors on June 15, and we have been given the green light to start running classes. We are in compliance with all safety requirements outlined by the Province (BC Health, ViaSport BC, Gymnastics BC).

We’re excited to get back to sport!

(Updated July 1st) – We started with Step 1 with the older and more experienced gymnasts June 17-25. All protocols are working well and we are moving on to our 2nd step. Additional staff have been trained on the procedures and the program schedule is being expanded starting on July 2nd. Once we are satisfied that we can run an expanded schedule safely we will look at reinstating some Recreational Summer Camps. A rough estimate for these classes is an August start date.

Our number one priority is the safety and well being of the children and our community. We will progress our plan only if & when we can safely do so.

All participating members will be required to understand and follow all new safety measures.

Glacier Gymnastics Club COVID-19 Safety Plan

Legal Documentation includes a Participant Declaration and Waiver & Release. These documents are now included as part of our online registration process. must be completed separately from our online policy agreement system. Read and Complete the Documents here.

– Return to Gym – What to Expect
There are a lot of changes – this document will help you and your gymnast!

Daily Screening Checklist
Must be completed each day before entering the facility.

Gymnastics BC Return to Sport Plan

Important Changes To Know

Our Safety Plan is very detailed and contains every safety measure we are following. If you haven’t read it yet, be aware that coming to Club and Communicating with staff will be very different.

  • The Club’s Office will remain closed for now.
  • Entrance to the facility is only open to class participants and only just prior to the start of their class.
  • Club Administration will be minimized as much as possible, as we try to cope with the increased costs of running classes under significantly reduced capacity and social distancing requirements.
  • Communications should be conducted via email and telephone as much as possible. “In person” communications will need to be scheduled in advance – completion of the screening checklist is required upon each visit.

Updates on our progress and summer scheduling will be published once we are able to progress to the next stage of our Safety Plan (hopefully by the end of June). Watch our Facebook page @glaciergym.

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Registration COVID Protocols

Registration for most members can take place entirely online. This is the best way to ensure you get into the class of your choice.

In Person Registration

If you need to come to the Club to complete registration, please minimize the number of people you bring into the facility. The following procedures are in place to protect the safety of all members and staff.

  • A Registration Appointment is required – phone 352-2227 to book.
  • A Daily Screening checklist must be completed on the day of your appointment. (Online Daily Screening), or paper copy at the Club.
  • Social Distancing protocols will be observed.
  • Sanitization stations are mandatory.
  • Masks are optional (please supply your own).

Entrance will be through the main door leading to the office area.
The entrance will remain closed until the time of your appointment.
Exit will be out through the downstairs gymnasium doors.

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Return to Gymnastics

Fall Gymnastics Information

We are very close to posting our Fall Schedule and providing registration dates. The schedule will offer a similar number of classes as previous years, however class sizes will be reduced and many classes have had time changes. All information will be available on the website. Once finalized, we will email all families who have attended within the last year, and will link updates to our social media.

  • Recreational Classes – target start date October 1st
  • Recreational Registration Opens – Week of Sept 15th (depending on Lighting Project completion).

We are seeking volunteers to help with our Lighting Upgrade and need as many people as we can get to help move the equipment out of the gym. Please consider helping out if you can. – Project & Volunteer Details.

June 1st

Gymnastics BC, ViaSport BC, WorkSafe BC and Public Health are all working to create a plan to have BC Gymnastics Clubs up and running soon. There is no exact date but wheels are in motion and we hope to see Glacier Gymnastics reopen sometime in June.

The plan that we will be regulated by will focus on 5 principles:

  • Physical Distancing & control of Social Interaction
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Screening of Staff and Gymnasts
  • Environmental Hygiene
  • Physical Modification of the Facility

Glacier Gymnastics is already taking steps by making preliminary changes to the facility and to class, admin and cleaning protocols.

We expect the return to be a gradual process, and are still unsure what our summer program schedule will look like.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child’s return to gymnastics please contact Head Caoch, Sandra Long at or 352-2227.

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Lighting Upgrade Approved

Lighting Upgrade

We’re very happy to let the membership know that the lighting upgrade project for the Civic Centre gymnasium has been approved for funding. A new high efficiency LED system is being installed at the end of August! This will greatly improve the lighting of the gym space and be a huge improvement to the environment for the kids attending gymnastics!

Call For Volunteers

In order for the lighting work to take place, we must remove / dismantle most of the equipment in the gym. This is a huge undertaking that can’t be accomplished by the coaching staff alone. We once again are calling on our amazing family of volunteers to pitch in and help get the work done. Many hands make light work!

  • Volunteer time for this project will count double.
  • The hours will be applied to the upcoming season.
  • You can request to have the hours applied to this past season by emailing Steve.

Volunteer Sign Up

We will coordinate the work over at least two shifts (morning and afternoon) and possibly an evening shift if needed. More details are outlined on the sign up sheet.

LED Project Details

Glacier Gymnastics Club would like to thank the City of Nelson for prioritizing this work and making the project possible; we also acknowledges the RDCK for their role in funding support.

  • Estimated budget: $42,000.00
  • City Of Nelson – $20,500.00
  • RDCK through the Gas Tax Grant – $17,500.00
  • Rebates – $  4,500.00
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