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Session Dates & Holidays

All programs run as scheduled on Pro-D days.

Fees Clarification: The fees paid at registration account for any holidays and gym closures that effect your class. We almost never have unscheduled cancellations, and will always issue a refund if we cancel a class you’ve paid for.

Fall Session 2021: September 13th – December 17th

Sept 13:  Fall Session starts
Sept 30: Gym Closed – Truth and Reconciliation Day
October 9-11: Gym Closed – Thanksgiving
Nov 20: Deadline to Hold Your Spot for Winter Session
Nov 11: Gym Closed- Remembrance Day
Dec 1: New member registration for Winter Session
Dec 11 – 17: Last Day of Fall Session
Dec 18-26: Club Closed – Winter Break
Dec 27-30: Winter Break Camps

Winter Session 2022: January 3rd – March 12th

Jan 3:  Winter Session starts
Feb 12:  Deadline to Hold Your Spot for Spring Session
Feb 21: Gym Closed, Family Day
Mar 1:  Spring Session Registration
Mar 4-5: Gym Closed
Mar 7 – 12: Last Week of Winter Session
Mar 21 – 24:  Spring Break Camps

Spring Session 2022: March 28th – June 18th

Mar 28 – Spring Session starts
April 14-18 – Gym Closed, Easter
April 23-25 – Gym Closed, Zone Championships Competition, No Classes Scheduled
May 21-23 – Gym Closed, Victoria Day
June 6,7,8,9- Last Day of Mon-Thurs Spring Session Classes
June 17&18-Last Day of Fri & Sat Spring Session Classes 

Summer Session 2022: June 27th – Sept 1st

June 28 – Aug 26 – Summer Break Training / Camps

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