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Hold Your Spot re-registration

Offered for the Winter and Spring sessions.

Current Participants
Members with a child currently attending a Recreational program are invited to Re-Register and save their spot for the upcoming session (same class, day & time). This option is available to participants who are currently attending an active class in the current session (siblings must wait for general registration).

Re-registration dates and your specific deadline will be advertised on the Club Calendar and by email communication.

  • I would like to change classes?
    • So long as you meet the class prerequisites, all you need to do is register as you normally would for the new class. So long as space is available we will move you to your new time. If there are any problems, you will be contacted with whatever options are available. Feel free to call and discuss appropriate programs at any time.
  • I missed the deadline?
    • Unfortunately, if you miss the re-registration deadline your spot is no longer guaranteed; and has likely been offered to someone on a wait list (see below).

Wait Listed Families
If any suitable spaces are available, families with children on a wait list from the previous registration period will receive a phone call and offered the spot. To registration from the wait list must be done over the phone.

New Member
Registration for new members opens on the advertised date. All available spaces are open for registration via the online system, using the Parent Portal. Please see our How To Register page for more info.