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Facilities Revitalization Project

New Gym - Fall 2014

Click to see how the New Gym will look!

Update – Jan 20, 2015

The last few major tasks were tackled over the winter break. The last bits of the old office space including filing cabinets, lockers and fridge were moved into the storage space adjacent to the gym. The last of the carpeting was put in place and we are now enjoying the vastly improved usability of the gym.

There are still a number of important jobs that we’d like to complete prior to hosting the Judges Cup, Feb 14

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Steve (, or add your name to the list and receive emails whenever something is being planned.

Current Task List

  • Installation of final high bar on wall
  • Framing to attach foam padding in high risk areas (pillar and stairway by beams / stairway to office / wall by trampolines)

Pictures of the project…

Thank you to our major sponsors thus far…

Purcell TimberFramesKalesnikoff Lumber Co.Home Hardware – NelsonA & A Painting

Estimated Project Timeline

The following schedule is the best estimate of when the different tasks will be happening.  Contact Steve to get involved.  Mail Steve  ph: 352-2227

Jun 16Equipment Take Down
(part of Year End Show set up)
6 people + coaches2 hours
Jun 16-19Mezzanine Prep
(ledger install, etc)
crew of 4-6
volunteer – skilled carpentry
4-8 hours
Jun 23-25Timber Frame Install (Purcell TimberFrames)2-3 strong volunteers1-2 days
Jun 23-24Dismantle Spring Floor
(multiple crews)
8-12 hrs / 4-10 people1-2 days
Jun 24-25Remove rest of equipment2-3 people and coaches4 hours
Jun 23-25Replace Fluorescent Lights
(start as soon as lift is delivered)
crews of 28-12 hours
Jun 30Painting to startmultiple crews1-2 weeks
Jun 26-Jul 6Mezzanine Framing & Finishingskilled trades1-2 weeks
Jun 30+Reinstall Spring Floorbig job; crew of 10 2 days
Framing around Floor
(once floor is installed)
crew of 3-6
volunteer – skilled carpentry
 1 day
Jul 2Prepare for Camps Start
Setup Gymnasium: (beams area, tramps)
crews of 1-3 o + coaches 1-2 days
Jul 28-Aug 13Misc equipment setup:
(Bars, Beam, Flooring, Rings)
smaller crews of 1-21-2 days
1st 2 weeks in AugustOffice Move -prepare for Fall
(mezzanine complete; electrical, etc)
crews of 4-6; heavy lifting1-2 days


Wednesday, Feb 19th:  Late Night Demo Success!!

A great deal was accomplished in about 3 hours of work and almost 1/3 of the area demo completed.  The next one is planned for…

Wednesday, Feb 26th – 9:00 – midnight

Sign Up Here if you can help – we need 5-6 people.

If you’re interested in contributing to the club in a way that will have positive benefits for years to come, please consider becoming involved.  We have many volunteer opportunities available especially with the required demolition work.
Add Your Name to the Contact List

Next Steps…

  • completing the demo in 2-3 work sessions (volunteers required)
  • build and install mezzanine offices (tentatively sometime around spring break)
  • move the offices (one weekend or evening after the build)
  • gym layout changes – explore pit development (summer 2014)
  • facility development / equipment purchase2014-2015 season

Hope to see you down on the gym floor with tool belts, tape measures and brooms!

Completed! – Site Preparation

Wednesday, Feb 19th: A skilled crew of 6 demoed about 1/3 of the mezzanine in a 3 hour late night effort!

Sunday October 6th:  A work crew of about a dozen people volunteered over 60 hours to clean out old storage space and prepare it for better use. The mezzanine area was prepped for demo.

Thank-you, to all of the GGC members who came out to help with the clean up!  50 years of dusty, long forgotten storage is no longer cluttering the west end of the gym.