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Annual Membership Fees

Each season (September – August) we collect annual membership fees per participant in accordance with Gymnastics BC requirements and Glacier’s registration policy below. These fees are required to ensure adequate injury and liability insurance are in place.

Casual $26
  • participants attending 5 or fewer visits
  • adult supervisors at Drop In
Recreational $60
  • adult or child participants who regularly attend an activity
Developmental $75 / Competitive $190

These fees are due upon each participant’s first enrollment in a Glacier Gymnastics Club program each season.  The fees are not pro rated through the year and are the same cost regardless if enrollment is in September or August.  In the event of withdrawal from your program, these fees are non-refundable, and your memberships with Glacier Gymnastics Club Society and Gymnastics BC remain valid in accordance with each organization’s policies and bylaws.

Categories and Associated Fees

Gymnastics BC Gymnastics Canada Paid to Zone 1 Glacier Gymnastics Club Your Statement “Annual Membership Fees”
Casual User* $17.00 $8.00 $0 $1.00 $26.00
Recreational $45.00 $8.00 $6.00 $1.00 $60.00
Interclub (Developmental) $59.00 $8.00 $6.00 $2.00 $75.00
Competitive $175.00 $8.00 $6.00 $1.00 $190.00

*Participants of Drop In and sometimes our Camps are enrolled under the Casual category.

Registration Policy

1.  Glacier Gymnastics Club (GGC) is a registered not-for-profit society.  Participation in the programs operated by GGC requires:

  1. adult participants to be a registered member of the Society, or
  2. in the case of child participants; a parent/guardian must be a registered member of the Society.

Each fiscal year, payment of Annual Membership Dues is required and payable upon each participant’s first gymnastics program registration.  Annual Dues are set each season by the Board of Directors.  More information on the GGC Society and your membership can be found in the Society’s Constitution and By-Laws).

2.  Participation in the programs operated by GGC, also require each participant to be registered with Gymnastics BC (GBC) on an annual basis (Sept – Aug). Gymnastics BC is the governing body of gymnastics in BC; membership provides (among other things), important liability coverage for participants, coaches and clubs. More details on their services and your membership can be found on their website or through our office. Registration with GBC is done through Glacier Gymnastics. Fees vary depending upon the GBC Membership category, which is determined by the type of gymnastics program being participated in, and is set each season by GBC.

Upon each participant’s first enrollment each season; the Glacier Gymnastics Club’s Annual Membership Dues, and the Gymnastics BC annual registration fee are due. These fees will be shown on your statement as ONE AMOUNT listed as “Annual Membership Fees“.

When registering online, please note; the online registration system defaults to the Recreational category.  Participants of programs in other categories will have their annual fees set manually by staff.