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Annual General Meeting

Nominations for Directors

We are accepting applications & nominations for new Directors. BoardApplicationPackagepg123


Gymnastics Demonstration by developmental and competitive gymnasts
Guest Speaker – Kim Palfenier – Organizational Development for Sports
Facility Upgrade Showcase

Annual General Meeting

Thursday, November 19th
6:30 pm @ Glacier Gymnastics Club

Special Resolution

The Board is seeking member approval to increase the allowable maximum number of directors from the current maximum of 7, to the proposed maximum of 12. The change requires updating the Society by-laws.

RESOLVED, AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION, THAT the amended and restated by-laws of Glacier Gymnastics Club in the form presented to and with the changes discussed at the meeting are approved.

Amend section 5.01 as follows:

Section 5.01 Number of Directors
The Board shall consist of a minimum of three (3), or such greater number as determined by a resolution of the Members to a maximum of seven (7) directors maximum of twelve (12) directors, elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.  Directors must be Members in good standing.  Employees of Glacier Gymnastics shall not be eligible to be a director.  A retiring director shall be eligible for re-election if otherwise qualified.

Tentative Agenda

Welcome and introductions 6:30pm

Demo and Club Overview (20-­30 mins)

  • Gymnastics Demo (10-­15 mins)
  • President’s Report (10­-15 mins)
  • Short Intermission ­- VIP’s may leave –

AGM Proper ­ -approx 7:00 pm

  • Adoption of Agenda
  • Speaker: Kim Palfenier ­ Organizational Development for Sports Organizations
  • Adoption of past Minutes – 2014 AGM
  • Annual Report 2014-­15 season
    • Treasurer’s Report
    • Club Manager’s Report
  • Adoption of Annual Report
  • Special Resolution to increase the maximum number of directors allowed
  • Nominations and Election of Directors
  • Adjournment