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Support Glacier Gymnastics


  • We run a Christmas Wreath Sale in the Fall.
  • Our Winter fundraiser is Camino Chocolates.
  • In the Spring we run a Grocery Card Sales Blitz with the Party in the Park.

Our main fundraiser runs all season – Grocery Card Sales with support from Save on Foods and the Kootenay Co-op.

Links for each of these can be found here.

Direct Donation (coming soon…)

We are currently in the process of registering with the BC Sports Fund. It’s going to take another few months to complete, but once it’s in place you’ll be able to make donations and receive a charitable tax receipt. Funds go to the BC Sports Fund and will be accessible by Glacier to use in an approved manner. There are still some hurdles for us to clear – but if you’d like to donate to us today we’d be so grateful – email us to learn how to send money. Unfortunately we can’t offer a tax receipt yet.


We have a sponsorship program in place and have been really blown away by the number of businesses that have stepped up to support us during this challenging time. Do you know a business owner who might be interested? Why not mention Glacier Gymnastics Club to them and let them know about our program? Here’s all the details on the Sponsorship Program.

We’d like to give a big thank you to the following businesses: Nelson Design Collective; Positive Apparel; Nelson & District Credit Union; Kootenay Co-op; Marzano; Roger Higgins – IG Wealth Management; Lakeside Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic; Kootenay Bakery Cafe Cooperative


There is so much more work with the COVID cleaning protocols. We have the following needs: daily cleaning & sanitizing of high traffic areas (approx 1/2 hr evening shift, 12 shift options available).

The Grocery Card Sales blitz is a lot of work – we need 1-2 people to help with filling card orders at the end of each month (approx 1-2 hr shift depending on volume of orders).

Please contact Heather at or 250-352-2227 ext 200 for details and scheduling.

Letters of Support

Glacier Gymnastics Club needs your voice when it comes to communicating with our local / municipal government and elected officials. Glacier is one of many many not-for-profit user groups in the area who all compete for the attention and funding support of our elected officials. The only way to ensure the decision makers know our services are valued is to hear it from the citizens.

In the coming months, we expect to be one of many groups who will be looking to apply to the municipality for some COVID relief.

If the Club has made a difference to you or your children, please consider writing a short letter that we can use in our application. Or consider contacting Nelson City Council or Rec Commission 5 directly.

Social Media

We’re working to put together a social media promotion and generate some buzz over the spring and early summer 2021. If you see our posts, please consider sharing them on your own timeline (or in related groups you’re a part of). We love it when you “like” us – but when you SHARE a post we get sooo much more exposure. Why not give us a little extra push these next few months!
You can find us on Facebook here, and on Instagram here.