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Developmental B

Meets and Events Schedule

The events listed below are included in your program. Unless otherwise noted, all fees are included. Your RSVP for registration is required in order to confirm your planned participation.

Athletes Registered in the Developmental B Program
Keira Badry
Alane Martin
Teija Hartman
Penelope Dawson
Denali Davis
Calleigh Cowan
Rebecka Van Hellemond
Anni-Mae Bruce
Alex Shrieves
Lillianna Mucha
Cali Eckert
Ankaret Georget
Haley McLaren
Olivia Brown
Ella Wilkinson
Kaija Poitras
Lauren Yanke
Dawn Cooke
Camelia Lamontagne
Piper Stew
Cassidy Nickason
Liv Hedges


Judges Cup Jan 27-28th, 2018 – meet details here

Developmental Winter Training

Selkirk Kootenay Cup Feb 16-17th, 2018, Castlegar – meet details here

Developmental Spring Training – RSVP Now – details here

Glacier Invitational May 5-6th, 2018- details here

Year End Show June 11-13th, 2018